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NEW! ANA-4 Standard Typodont
For decades, Frasaco dental models have been the first choice in leading dental schools worldwide. Now, Frasaco presents the all new ANA-4 Standard Typodont, sure to be the perfect tool for tomorrow's dental education. Designed to represent the typical natural adult dentition, this advanced model was developed from an actual patient impression and was further refined with input and feedback from many instructors. Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM technology from design to production, the new-generation ANA-4 ensures quality, precision, and repeatability. Please contact us for more information on this 21st century typodont.
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AG-3 DA Standard Typodont
The most versatile of all Frasaco models, the AG-3 DA Standard Typodont is designed for many educational purposes - from simple demonstration to more complex restorative and operative simulation.  Complete with 32 anatomical screw-mounted teeth and soft removable gingiva; upper and lower arches are assembled together into a hinged articulator.  Please inquire about available pre-prepared, carious, or specialty teeth.
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A-PTS Preparation Trainer
For beginning operative dentistry students, Frasaco offers the A-PTS Preparation Trainer. This revolutionary device lets students learn to cut the basic shapes of cavity preps in acrylic blocks before moving on to simulated or natural teeth.
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B-3 Series Edentulous Models 
For removable prosthodontic exercises, Frasaco offers five completely edentulous models, including a normal bite with and without undercuts, a cross bite, and a closed bite. A corresponding bite registration block is also available for each B-3 model.
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A-3 Partially Dentate Models 
For fixed and removable prosthodontics, Frasaco offers a wide variety of A-3 partially dentate upper and lower arches. Each model consists of a hard gingiva model with removable, screw-mounted teeth. Please inquire for available configurations.
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Dental Hygiene
AG-3 H DA Dental Hygiene Model
The AG-3 H DA is designed specifically for dental hygiene students.  Model design is based on the standard AG-3, but features specially-molded gingival shrouds for an even more realistic look and feel when learning instrumentation technique.   
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A-PZ DA Periodontal Typodont
Our most popular model for the study of periodontology, as well as dental hygiene, the A-PZ DA Periodontal Typodont depicts the early to advanced stages of periodontosis. Featured on the A-PZ DA are examples of gum and bone recessions, calculus deposits, furcations, and tooth loss.
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A-PB DA Periodontal Typodont
The more extreme A-PB DA features periodontosis in its moderate to severe stages. Multiple areas of tooth loss, root exposure, heavy sub- and supra-gingival calculus deposits, and advanced gum and bone recession can all be found on the A-PB DA.
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AK-6/2 DA Pediatric Typodont 
Both versatile and functional, the AK-6/2 DA pediatric typodont contains a mixed dentition of 20 deciduous teeth and 4 permanent molars.  Also available in a deciduous-only model.  Arches are assembled together into a special articulator.  Please inquire about available specialty teeth.
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AM-5 Pediatric Demonstration Model
The AM-5 Demonstration Model is designed for chairside instruction of pediatric patients and parents alike.  Executed in a hard thermosetting material, the AM-5 features 20 friction-fit teeth with anatomically formed roots.
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A-ETS Endodontic Trainer
Early endodontic exercises can easily be taught with the A-ETS. Like the A-PTS, the Frasaco A-ETS Endo Trainer comes with a plastic base which can be used on a tabletop or can be mounted into a Phantom Head mannequin.
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A-R X-ray Trainers
The A-R X-ray Trainers provide an easy and efficient means of teaching beginning radiography.  Or for digital radiography, choose the A-RD X-ray Trainer with wider slots to accommodate digital sensors.
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AG-3 ZPUR Endodontic Teeth
AG-3 APUR Endo Teeth are produced with an enamel colored root and radio-opaque root canals for exercises involving radiography.  Please inquire for available positions.
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AG-3 ZPUK Endodontic Teeth
AG-3 ZPUK Endo Teeth are molded with life-like root canals set into a clear plastic base for beginning exercises.  Please inquire for available positions.
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AG-3 ZEE Post Pulpotomy Teeth
AG-3 ZEE Teeth are designed to simulate a post-root canal situation. Each tooth's crown is pre-prepared and the root canals are filled with gutta percha.  Please inquire for available positions.
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A-8 Orthodontic Model
Frasaco's A-8 Orthodontic Model is designed to provide a full range of tooth movement when teaching banding and bracketing techniques.  This orthodontic model is designed with eight fixed anteriors and includes the remaining 24 teeth supplied loose for embedding into dental wax.  Once brackets and bands are applied, wax can be heated, causing loose teeth to move into desired position.
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Oral Surgery
A-OP Oral Surgery Model
The Frasaco A-OP Oral Surgery Model is one of the most innovative models on the market today. The upper arch is designed with an impacted canine, and the lower arch features an impacted 3rd molar. Each can be accessed and removed through a simulated surgical procedure.
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A-J OP Surgical Training Model
The Frasaco A-J OP is designed for advanced oral surgery training.  Anteriors are prepared for apicectomy; 3rd molars are completely impacted and partially rotated.  Mandible is executed in material similar to human bone and simulates different nerve locations. 
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A-J K Implant Training Model
The A-J K is an anatomical mandible suitable for various case scenarios in implant technique.  Includes simulated nerves and various extraction sites for advanced exercises.  Available also with elastic gingiva  and model mounting plate.
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AG-3 IB Anesthesia Model
The technologically advanced AG-3 IB Anesthesia Model features seven simulated nerve locations, each electronically signals successful injection when contact is made with a dry syringe.  Can be threaded directly into a mannequin, or optional mounting brackets are available for table-top use.
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A-EM Extraction Model Tooth
The A-EM Teeth are cast from a CrNi alloy. This unique metal gives each tooth immense strength and durability which prevents tooth breakage for beginning students.
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A-EK Extraction Model Tooth
For advanced exercises, A-EK Teeth are cast in a plastic resin that simulates the hardness and feel of actual human teeth. A-EK Teeth are designed to challenge students in learning proper technique and hand pressure when performing an extraction.
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Mannequin Simulation Systems
P-6/3 Standard Mannequin System
The first and foremost modular-style mannequin on the market, the P-6/3 has been a primary tool for teaching dental students procedural skills and techniques for over 20 years.  Simulated jaw fully articulates and can accommodate any type or brand of typodont.  Durably constructed and well-engineered, the P-6/3 offers many types of available mounting options, including various table, bench, and chair mounts. 
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P-6/5 Advanced Mannequin System
The P-6/5 follows the tradition of  its predecessor, the P-6/3, and adds a unique, fully-adjustable condyle system. 
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PH-1 Simplistic Phantom Head System
Ideal for those on a budget, this unit features the familiar look of the P-6 series mannequins and provides basic training using a hinged typodont.  Head is frontal half only, and system offers table or bench mounting options.  Also available, the PH-2 system, which features the same articulating jaw found on the P6/3.
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