Friday, February 10, 2012

Kilgore Typodont For Council For Inter State Testing (CITA)Exam


CITA-EP KIT - Complete CITA testing kit that includes the following items:

CITA-CT - Carrier Tray with Articulator (both upper and lower Kilgore prosthodontic models and upper Kilgore endodontic model will fit into the tray)

CITA-UP - Upper Prosthodontic model which comes complete with A20A-200#3, A20A-200#5, and A20A-200-#9 composite teeth and an A2A-240-#4 root plug.

CITA-LP - Lower Prosthodontic model with a full complement of teeth
CITA-UE - Upper Endodontic model which comes complete with the AD#8 endo tooth and AD#14 endo tooth with insert.
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