Thursday, March 15, 2012


Simulator can be raised or lowered by D.C Actuator.
  • Multi articulated phantom head movement.
  • Can hold any imported typodont jaws.
  • The mask can be removed by lowering the side attachment.
  • Unit fitted with shelves for storage of materials.
  • Unit has a delivery system with airotor / micro motor and 3 way syringe provision.
  • The side pillar attached with booster bottle.
  • The unit has conventional dental reflector light unit with 2 intensity.
  • The system can be operated by joystick for up and down movement.
  • Foot control to operate the control unit system.
  • Technical Features
    • Works with low current 24V DC Actuator - very safe.
    • 6 Amps fuse for light.
    • Air regulator for controlling the air flow to the booster bottle and the airotor.
    • Imported dental halogen light with two intensity.

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