Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frasaco-standard working model A-3

Dental Models with permanent dentition:
Models made of hard thermosetting plastic material. Upper and lower jaws are occluding in a stable intercuspidation.  Incl. 32 screw-in teeth (A-3 Z) in hard thermosetting material and mounting thread for frasaco phantom heads.

Occlusal anatomy between prosthetic teeth and natural teeth.

  • Anterior relationship: minimum vertical overbite, slight canine guidance, dependant upon the inclination of the effective condylar paths.
  • Premolar to first molar region: tooth relationship = 1 : 2
  • Second and third molar region: tooth relationship = 1 : 1
Hard gingiva modellation. Used mainly in pre-clinical, prosthetic propaedeutic courses and in dental techniques.

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