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ORE Exam - United Kingdom-Best Buy offers

1)Frasaco AG-3 Jaw Set with Screw Driver(Standard Working Model AG-3)
Dental Models with permanent dentition: Models made of hard thermosetting plastic material. Upper and lower jaws are occluding in a stable intercuspidation. Incl. 32 screw-in teeth in hard thermosetting material and mounting thread for frasaco phantom heads. Occlusal anatomy corresponding to an adolescent patient free of any abrasion

  • Anterior relationship: deep overbite, initial anterior and canine guidance
  • Premolar to first molar region: tooth relationship = 1 : 2
  • Second and third molar region: tooth relationship = 1 : 1 distally
The gingiva is made from an elastic material, is replaceable and based on the anatomy of a 40-year-old patient.

Used mainly for exercises in preventive and conservative dentistry and prosthodontia emphasizing functional occlusion.

2)ORE Phantom Head

ORE Phantom Head with original Frasaco AG-3 Jaws. Contents : Manikin Skull, Soft Skin Colour Fletcher with natural skin stretch & elasticity, Oral Cavity for water collection, draining system, Articulator, Bench Mounting Clamp, and flexible ball joint ensures it can be easily brought into all
necessary working positions.

Partial skull dome and face mask imitates patient’s face, while the detachable front parts, allow easy changing of face mask and dental models.

An inner cheek mask is available for working with water. The oral cavity mask can be used in addition to it as an inner face mask. It encloses the model jaws completely and so allows working with water spray. Simulation exercises with limited space and realistic elasticity are made possible by using this oral cavity mask. It ensures that phantom head articulator is kept dry and clean.

Table mounting Clamp allows working in 0 to 90 Degrees position on left or right hand side, while the ball joint assembly allows 0 to 180 degree movement.

3) Frasaco AG-3 Typodont Replacement Teeth 

4)Typodont Endodontic Teeth - Soft Gum Single/Multi Canal 

Typodont Endodontic Teeth - Soft Gum Single/Multi Canal With screw and wax canals

AG3ZE Frasacco Or Nissin 

5)Airotor Hand Pieces

A)Pana Max-Nsk Push Button Hand Piece

1. The NSK PANA Max series offers a powerful, yet economical alternative in high speed handpieces.
2. Every feature is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance vs. cost ratio, thus helping you work more efficiently and comfortably.
3. The traditional fixed-back models connect directly to all standard tubing and are available in miniature and standard head sizes.
4. PANA Max handpieces feature the NSK Clean Head System and have a single port water spray.

Ceramic Bearings: long lasting
Clean Head System for enhanced infection control
Ultra Push Chuck: simple yet secure fastening
Single Spray
Speed: 380,000~480,000 min-1
Head Size: 10.3 x H13.8 mm

B)KaVo Extra torque 606 
  2- hole Borden connection, push button led handpiece • Friction grip, • Single spray, • 350,000 rpm, • Air consumption 34-37 NI/min, • Torque 10N, • Resists over 1000 sterilization cycles in autoclave at 135°C.

6)Mouth Mirror, Probe & Tweezers Set

7)Rubber Dam Sheet
A complete kit containing all items required to perform isolation techniques during endodontic or restorative procedures.

  • 36 Sheets of 6 x 6 medium rubber dam
  • Rubber dam frame
  • Rubber dam punch
  • Rubber dam forceps and set of 7 clamps

8)Mylar Strips

Mylar Strips are pre-cut clear matrix strips for composite restorations. Mylar rolls are DuPont Mylar .002 gauge


9)Hand Instruments

Various Hand Instruments required for ORE exams preparation.
Enamel hatchet/Ball Burnisher/GMT/Condensers/Amalgam Carvers/Spoon Escavators

10)Williams Graduated Probe

11)Amalgam carrier

Dental Silver amalgam Carrier,Be used to carry silver amalgam when dental filling.

12)Composite Instruments SS w/Titanium Coating
Set of 6 instruments Available
13)Adson Tissue Holding Forceps
Adson Tissue Forcep are held between the thumb and fingers, and use small, interlocking teeth to grip tissue. While there are a variety of uses for forceps in the medical field, Adson tissue forceps are used primarily in dentistry. Adson Tissue Forcep  have two teeth on one side of the instrument, and a single tooth on the other side. The Adson-Brown model has multiple fine teeth at the end of the tool. The uses for both models are similar

14)Instrument Set up Tray


B Lok Divided Tray holds 12 instruments and can hold 9 burs including; FG, RA, and HP, Has a holder for syringe tip or saliva ejector. Non-slip feet for stability and has a self lubricating, high-gloss surface to help prevent staining. Gray Insti-Grip helps hold the instruments quietly and safely in place

15)K-files-Mani Or Dentsply


Available in 21mm,25mm,31mm

16) Finger Spreader


17)Gates Glidden Drills


Designed for enlarging the coronal portion of thetooth.
Hard Fiber Stainless Steel. Right Angle.

New material developed by MANI has made it possible to commercialize safe and sharp gates glidden drills with higher anti-corrosion resistance to any kind to sterilization including autoclave, chemical vapor, and super acid water.

MANI hard-fiber stainless steel
* Higher anti-corrosion resistance
* Uniform and stabilized hardness.
* The safety tip prevents ledges or perforation.
* Designed to be broken at very near to shank
* Easy identification by the number of grooves in the shank.

Assorted Packet-32mm-#1-6

Individual Packets Of-#1,#2,#3

18) Endo Z Bur-Densply

19)Diamond Access Bur

  • Stainless Steel
  • Diamond coating reduces gouging
  • Tip matches round bur sizes for efficient initial penetration
  • Available in assorted pack (1 each of sizes: #1, #2, #3)
  • Available in 21 mm length
  • Available in 3 packs 

20) Gutta Percha/Paper Points Pack

Dentsply/Diadent Available


Individual Sizes Also Available


21)Endo Measuring Block  

Maximum Size Endo Measure Block with Full Autoclavable to 135°C
22)Root Canal Sealant-Tubliseal



ZOE-based formula Low leakage and low dimensional change
Automix tips No manual mixing required
1:1 syringe ratio Accurate mixing with every application
Barium sulfate Provides radiopacity while eliminating staining the tooth
EWT formula Allows more work time on mixing pad (Extended Work Time) and in the mouth

23)Compressor (Oil Free)

Capacity 110 Litre

Power 220V/ 50Hz

Exhaust Pressure 0.8mpa

Power 580W

Size 110 x 110 x 580 cm

Tank : 25L

Motor 580 W 3/4 HP

Pump 1

Speed 1400 R. P. M

Air Displacement 110 L/min 3.9 C.F.M

Max Pressure 8 Bar 115 Psi

Tank 30L 7.90 Gal

Noise 50 dB(angel)

24)Wooden Wedges

Rounded tip passes easily over gingiva, concave sides conform matrix band to the tooth and a square end allows easy insertion and removal. 
Pack of 200 & 500 pcs assorted sizes wedges.
25)Universal Matrix Band Retainer

Original Tofflemire matrix bands, retainer
Stainless Tofflemire II Matrix Band Retainers are smooth and reliable. 

26)Amalgam Capsule-SDI Company
Pack of 50-1 Spill,2 Spill, 3 Spill Available
Pack of 5,10,20,30,40 Also Available
27) Amalgamator
1. This kind of amalgamator, controlled by a microprocessor, ensures a precise, controlled, consistent mix.
2. With the width of the oscillating range, the mixing frequency, and your selected time(1-99S).
3. It's revolve according to "8" model.
4. For mercury-based fillings. trust the performance of DB338 amalgamator. Together, it provides the clinical perfection you need with the ease-of-use you want.
5. For safe operation, the DB338 deactivates when you open the front cover to access the capsule.
6. Its ergonomic design is easy to use, stable, extremely quiet and easy to clean and maintain
28)Motor And Pestle-Glass Or Porcelain
To Mix Amalgam Alloy Powder
  • Dental grade
  • Chemically purified
  • Very high compressive strength
  • Does not chip or flakes
 Shelf life : 36 months
Packing : 30gm / 225gm

30)Amalagam Alloy Powder
  • Alloy Fine grain
  • Contents: 30gm
31)Tungsten Carbide Bur FG 330
 Shank: FG ,Category: Carbide 
Shape: Pear Length Overall: 19, Working Length: 1.6   
Head Diameter: 0.8

32)Tungsten Carbide Bur 557 -TC 557

Quantity: 1-PK 
Shank: FG 
Category: Carbide 
Shape: Straight/Flat End Cross Cut 
Length Overall: 21 
Working Length: 3.8 
Head Diameter: 1 
Procedures: EndodonticsNA Post PlacementOral SurgeryPeriodontics 

33)Tungsten CARBIDE FG 331 L 

  Quantity: 1-PK
Shank: FG 
Category: Carbide 
Shape: Pear 
Length Overall: 21 
Working Length: 3.8 
Head Diameter: 1  
Procedures: EndodonticsNA Post Placement Oral Surgery Periodontics  

34)Tungsten Carbide Bur 56

Tungsten Carbide Bur 56

35)Original Two Striper Diamond Bur - 260.8F

Original Two Striper Diamond Bur - 260.8F  
1 Piece Pack 
Or Compatible  Burs Like-Mani-Japan or SS White USA

36)Diamond Bur - 767C

Diamond Bur - 767C or compatible(Mani-Japan)  
Pack of 3 burs

37)Diamond Bur - 170L


38)Diamond Bur - 767VF

767VF or compatible  
Pack of 3 burs -Mani-Japan or SS White USA

39)Two Striper Diamond Burs - 285.5VF

 compatible Pack of 3 burs -Mani-Japan or SS White USA

40)Diamond Bur - 120

compatible Pack of 3 burs -Mani-Japan or SS White USA

41)Flat Fissure Burs-FG245

For Amalgam Cavity Preparation 


·         High power LED, purely dental blue light
·         Digital display, adjustable work time
·         High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery ,low battery detection
·         Low-power, long standby time
·         Over-temperature protection, light source detection
·         Light power: more than 1200mW/cm2
·         5 W LED LIGHT
·         NO. 1 BLACK PROBE
·         Applicable for all brands of resin materials

·         5 W LED Light
·         Light Power Intensity > `1200 MW/cm2
·         Wavelenth of 470 nm


A)Charizma-Heareus Kulzer-Germany

C)Fusion -Prevest Denpro

44)Composite Polishing Disc
Pack Of 40
Mandrel Free
45)Composite Polishing Strips

46)Bonding Agents
GLUMA Comfort Bond 

 is a light-curing single-component adhesive (ethanol base) for all direct and indirect restorations that can be classifi ed as a “wet-bonding” adhesive. Because of its integrated 4-META bond enhancer and its hydroactive wetting capacity, it ensures long-term bonding between tooth and restoration , even in amalgam restorations. It is easily dispensed from the plastic bottle and is simple to work with. GLUMA Comfort Bond ensures both comfortable and safe usage.
Adsper Easy One-3M
47)Etchant-Actino Gel


Blue tinted viscous gel/ liquid of 37% phosphoric and 2% benzalkonium chloride for etching techniques.
48)Micro Applicator Brush

Disposable Micro Applicators
Consist of non-linting, non-absorbent fibers arranged in a spherical shape.
It holds solutions in suspension, eliminating dripping, spiling and waste.
The bendable portion allows for precise application in difficult to reach areas.

Can be used for the following:
1. Hemostatic Solutions
2. Disclosing Solutions
3. Sealants
4. Dycal applications
5. Etchants
6. Bonding agents
7. Cavity linings
8. Fluoride varnishing

1. Superfine(white, purple)
2. Fine(yellow, blue)
3. Regular(green, orange)
Packaging: 100 per bottle 
 49)Temporary Crown Material

Negligible linear shrinkage during polymerization
•   Provides extremely accurate provisional with excellent marginal adaptation.
•   Eliminates need to re-marginate.
•   Provisional is easily removable.
Minimal (same as body temperature) heat production during polymerization
•   Fabricate provisionals directly in the patient’s mouth with no heat damage to pulp or tissue.
•   Eliminates need to remove and replace multiple times during polymerization.
Quick, easy-to-use Automix System
•   Saves time-no hand mixing or reloading syringes.
•   Saves money-no need for mixing pads, spatulas, application syringes.
•   Eliminates waste with self-sealing Mixing Tips allows easy control of the material being used.
Specially designed Mixing Tips provide an exact 10:1 base/catalyst ratio-a thorough mix every time
•   Minimizes porous surfaces, reducing staining from coffee, tea, etc.
•   Color stable.
•   No air bubble voids.
Does not contain liquid monomers
•   Great patient acceptance: neutral taste, no odor or stinging of gingiva.
Strong, abrasion resistant
•   Durable and long-lasting provisionals.
•   High hardness prevents wearing down of bridges; there are no perforations of the provisional,
eliminating the risk of saliva, bacteria and thermal irritants reaching the tooth.
•   Reduces patient return visits; saving time and money.
 50)Addition Silicone -Putty(Heavy Body) +Light Body

Addition curing silicone putty material with thermo activating formula. New kind of filling material enables a careful and stick-free mix­ing.

  • Recovery from deformation >= 99,5 %;
  • Color: green (PUTTY), blue (PUTTY SOFT)
  • Working time: Variable up to 2 min.
  • Time in mouth: 2 min.
  • Final hardness betasil® VARIO PUTTY: Shore A 70
  • Final hardness betasil® VARIO PUTTY SOFT: Shore A 60
  • Mintaroma
  • Impression technique: Best suited for the double mixing technique (1-step) and putty wash technique (2-step)

 51)Impression Gun

Description: CG-50-1-1 Dental Caulking Gun
Cartridage: Two-component
Capacity: 50ml (1: 1, 2: 1)
Material: Reinforced Nylon Frame
Plastic Rod
Weight: 0.16kg/piece 
48)Finger Spreader
Mani Japan
52)Suture Needle
Available in 15,16,17,18,19,20 Guages
Half Circle-Non Cutting Edge
53)Life Line Suture Thread

3-0 black braided silk

 54)Needle Holder

Straight Needle Holder, 14cm Length

55)Dycal Applicator

Dycal Applicator - Calcium hydroxide rigid-setting material for direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner under dental filling materials, cements and other base materials. Dycal stimulates the formation of secondary dentine, is acid resistant and of low solubility

Dycal® Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition is a rigid, self-setting material useful in pulp-capping, and as a protective base/liner under dental filling materials. It will not inhibit the polymerization of acrylic and composite restorations.

57)Impression Trays Plastic

Designed for extra clearance for ortho patients. Maximizes alginate retention and designed to optimize comfort, handling. Cold sterilizable. Baby blue color. Perforated plastic.
58)Flexible Rubber Bowl

For Mixing Alginate Or Stone


















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